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my father is 62 year old and he is suffering a very dangerous disease foot drop before 3 year we saw many doctors in Sialkot ,they suggested us about physiotherapy and we have done about 6 month,I am talking when the disease is erliar Firstly it effect one foot but after 1year second foot is also affected Now it's effected on hand kindly give me a suggestion for this disease and about doctor who is best for this disease


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Neurosurgeon or neurophysician can help you out


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Consult Dr Mohsin zaheer at surrya azeem hospital


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Please bring this patient
We will do nerve testing to localised the nerve damage
Spinal cord vs nerve root vs plexus vs nerve etc
Than we can help Patient


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Thanks sir
I am from Sialkot
We had saw a neurosurgeon in Sialkot,he asked me about MRi we did it recently again
But I am not satisfied because he give us a alot medicine which has no effect on disease and condition remain same

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He needs to have.. MRI L/s spine screening protocol
Then visit ur neurosurgeon


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You may visit the neurologist and do the EMG test. Thanks


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Sorry for late reply.Foot drop is an advanced stage of diabetes Neuropathy. It may not be reversible now, but can be suggested device for foot support to help him walking. Patient needs to be examined for that.Moreover , his blood glucose control should be good , to help prevent rapid progression of disease.


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It looks like a serious neurological issue so concerned with a neurlogist