L5/S1 Herniated Disc

Aoa, i have a disc herniation with annular tear , i was 26 years old when this happend, (2016) i had backpain and more prominent tingling burning paresthesia in feet, i have taken medicines tried physiotherapy oral steriods everything gave me relief for a small period of time. Then i stopped taking medicines and my pain was bearable, i was continuing life accordingly, now early this year i had a strong attack of backache my neurosurgeons said take bed rest and painkiller/muscle relaxant, they helped a bit but not much my pain sometimes get better but from last two months its geting more n more severe , especially in back . Can u suggest me what should i try now ?


MBBS, FCPS (Neurosurgery) | Lahore

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if pain is refectory to medical therapy it might need surgery. I'd recommend a surgical opnion after a fresh MRI lumbosacral spine