Complaints: 1) Discomfortandnumbness in left chest and neck(consistent all the time), pins and needles sensation and burning on shoulders and legs. 2) Dizziness,Vomiting and weakness 3) Half left face and back of neck(both sides)goes numb after sneezing and coughing. Sometimes i feel needle is stuck in the neck 4) Insomnia, tinnitus 5) difficulty breathing 6) Headaches.(which are more frequent in left back side of head and pulsuating in nature)(migraine) 7)can't sit or stand for prolonged period of time 8 )constipation 9)whenever I wake up i feel need to crack my left shoulder which producing cracking sound. Also feel pain in index fingers of both Hands. In April last year I underwent RFA(radio frequency ablation) in neck which didn't help perhaps made my symptoms more worse. I also have problems with anxiety and confusion. Sometimes I feel weakness in lower legs and tingling in left foot. I can't lift heavy objects with my left arm. I am resistant to conservative treatment