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Talk to Dietitian/Nutritionist on I Felt Very Week And Unfit I Want To Consult Nutrition Specialist


Asking For Self, Male 21, bahawalpur

I felt very week And Unfit I want to consult nutrition specialist so plz Tell me the best Nutrition in bahawalpur

Nutritionist in Lahore - Zunaira Ali

Zunaira Ali - Nutritionist

Doctor of Nutrition Sciences | Lahore


22 Positive Reviews

you also consult online through marham

Member of Marham-Forum

you can consult me online and tell me your problems in detail so that i can guide you accordingly


Post Owner


3 years ago

Nutritionist in Lahore - Fatima Mashkoor

Fatima Mashkoor - Nutritionist

BS (Food and Nutrition) | Lahore


34 Positive Reviews

Assalam o Aliakum hope you're doing good you can book online consultation via Marham Online consultation facility and get expert nutrition advice from the comfort of your own home. Regards Fatima Mashkoor Consultant Nutritionist. Medical Nutrition Therapist

Nutritionist in Lahore - Rida Tayyab

Rida Tayyab - Nutritionist

BSc Hons (Food Sciences and Human Nutrition) | Lahore


35 Positive Reviews

assalam o alaikum! get your CBC checked asap. start with eating fresh vegetables and fruits. meet your protein requirements by having one egg daily, also incorporate meat like fish, chicken and mutton in your diet.

you can book online consultation for any renowned nutritionist across the country.

Nutritionist in Lahore - Anam Umair

Anam Umair - Nutritionist

BSc in Food and Science, MBA in Helath and Hospital Administration, Certified in Child Nutrition, Certified in Oncology, Certified in Pathology, NHRA License Holder, Diploma in Food Allergy and Intolerance Training, Diploma in Nutrition | Lahore


20 Positive Reviews

there are certain causes that can make you weak

the flu.

thyroid disease.


depression or anxiety.

a lack of sleep.

poorly managed or undiagnosed diabetes.

congestive heart failure.

vitamin B-12 deficiency.

for further nutrition assessment please book an appointment through Marham

Dr Anam

Nutritionist in Islamabad - Qurat Ul Ain Khalil

Qurat Ul Ain Khalil - Nutritionist

BSC (Food and Nutrition) | Islamabad


92 Positive Reviews

you can book appointment for online consultation with me.

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Safeena Amjad

Ms. Safeena Amjad - Nutritionist

| MSc (Food & Nutrition) | PGDD | M.Phil. (Food & Nutrition) | | Lahore


604 Positive Reviews

you can visit me at Punjab Medical Centre Lahore Monday to Friday 4 to 9 pm

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Fatima Arshad

Ms. Fatima Arshad - Nutritionist

Bs Home Economics Food and Nutrition | Lahore


13 Positive Reviews

You can have online consultation via marham . Book your appointment

Nutritionist in Okara - Rd Anam

Rd Anam - Nutritionist

BS Food Sciences and Nutrition | Okara


26 Positive Reviews

you can have video consultation via Marham.
book an appointment.

Nutritionist in Lahore - Amna Sarfraz

Amna Sarfraz - Nutritionist

BS. Hons (Food Science and Human Nutrition) Masters of Science in Human Nutrition & Dietetics | Lahore


6 Positive Reviews

book appointment online

Nutritionist in Lahore - Tahreem Haseeb

Tahreem Haseeb - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics | Lahore


2 Positive Reviews

dear you can follow healthy diet plan.
book an online appointment for complete details.

Member of Marham-Forum

Book your online appointment with me here on Marham. I'll take your detailed health history and then will give you a personalized nutritional plan with detailed guidelines to tackle your problem.


Post Owner


3 years ago

Member of Marham-Forum



https://www.marham.pk/doctors/faisalabad/nutritionist/namra-tariq go to this link press on the online Consultation and book your appointment

3 years ago


or Call at 042-32591427, 427 to book online Consultation with me

3 years ago


you can give me your details, like name, contact number, day and time for online Consultation. I'll book it myself for you

3 years ago

Nutritionist in Lahore - Aymen Subhani

Aymen Subhani - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Human Nutrition & Dietetics | Lahore


14 Positive Reviews

You can book an online consultation.

Member of Marham-Forum

you can visit @diabetes_weight_loss_clinic

Nutritionist in Karachi - Noorulain

Noorulain - Nutritionist

Bs Nutrition | Karachi


4 Positive Reviews

book an appointment with me on Maryam

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Hunza Shafqat

Ms. Hunza Shafqat - Nutritionist

BS Hons, PGD (Nutrition & Food Sciences) | Lahore


2 Positive Reviews

if u want online consultation kindly book an appointment for proper diet plan

Nutritionist in Karachi - Tehmina

Tehmina - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics | Karachi


5 Positive Reviews

consult online

Nutritionist in Islamabad - Fatima Masood

Fatima Masood - Nutritionist

MS Food & Nutrition , MSc Food Technology (TH) | Islamabad


33 Positive Reviews

Have healthy food!

Nutritionist in Faisalabad - Muhammad Hamza

Muhammad Hamza - Nutritionist

MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Gold Medalist) | Faisalabad


30 Positive Reviews

Assalam alaikum dear,
dear just book online appointment with me and then i ll ask you some questions about you daily routine and foods you are consuming then i ll give you proper diet plan.


Nutritionist in Islamabad - Fatima Masood

Fatima Masood - Nutritionist

MS Food & Nutrition , MSc Food Technology (TH) | Islamabad


33 Positive Reviews

Have smoothies, fries fruit juices and healthy snacks like sandwich and kebab! You will surely start feeling healthy in a month! For a detailed diet plan, consult me online!

Nutritionist in Faisalabad - Rabia Sultan

Rabia Sultan - Nutritionist

BSc Hons (Food and Nutrition) | Faisalabad

Kindly do contact me. I will guide you properly according to your health and food preferences.

Nutritionist in Multan - Hira Fatima

Hira Fatima - Nutritionist

DND (Doctor of Dietitian & Nutrition) | Multan


44 Positive Reviews

Hey.. You can book an appointment with me..insha Allah i will make a perfect plan for you and soon you wil feel energetic and healthy.
Add dates in your routine and nuts too
Take one glass of milk daily
Do some physical activity too
Take care of your meal timings

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