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Dear concerned doctors, i have a colleague here who is using L-carnitine GNC tablet for weight loss since 1-2 months , with help of gym and this tablet he loose around 10-15 kg. Now he stop the gym but still taking tablets & loosing 3kg per week My question , is this tablet ok for weight loss?manufacturer say it dnt have any side effects plus i didn't see any side effects of this tablet on him, I m here with attaching pictures of this tablet Thanks in advance

Safeena Amjad - Dietitian/Nutritionist

M Phil, MSc (Food & Nutrition), PGD (Hospital Dietetics) | Lahore

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- AOA!!
L-carnitine is an amino acid which is naturally produced in the body. It is also used as a replacement supplement to shed extra body fat. These tablets can help you get off to a good start, but once you *stop taking them*, the weight you lost may come back. To keep the weight off, you must eat a healthy diet and have to be physically active on a regular basis. You must continue these healthy habits even after quitting the weight loss tablets. Keep in mind that reducing weight and keeping it off is a lifelong effort. There are few side effects associated with L-Carnitine if used in excess, i.e nausea, vomiting, upset GI, acidity and diarrhea,. It can also cause the breath, urine and sweat to have a "fishy" bad odor.. Do not use these weight loss tablets for longer period. Try to reduce weight with nutrient dense diet and regular physical activity.

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Dear Safeen mam,
Im doing dieting provided by nutritionist , can i use this tablet to aid weight loss, now currently im loosing 3-3.6 kg/month but i feel i should loose more.As i have internal inflammation on my legs and feet so i cant walk or exercise more .So, if intended to use this tablets how long i can use it. my current weight is 129.6 kg , height is 166cm
Thanks in advance

2 years ago

Safeena Amjad
Safeena Amjad - Dietitian/Nutritionist

M Phil, MSc (Food & Nutrition), PGD (Hospital Dietetics) | Lahore | Book Appointment

review-img 120 Positive Reviews

- Dear!
The weight loss supplements may have side effects or interact with medications and some food items, you should take them only if your Nutritionist allows you with the provided eating plan. The effective dose is 1-2 g per day. Please read the label before buying the product.
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2 years ago

Syed Ali Haider - Dietitian/Nutritionist

Dip in Dietetics and Nutritionist | Lahore

its safe to use but only with workouts

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