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Asking For Self, Male 25, Nowshera

can someone give me good advise that what is the best time for drink milk in daily wise routine

Nutritionist in Karachi - Ms. Anum Fatima

Ms. Anum Fatima - Nutritionist

D Pharma, Certicate in Food and Nutrition | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

after 3 hour of meal

Nutritionist in Lahore - Rida Tayyab

Rida Tayyab - Nutritionist

BSc Hons (Food Sciences and Human Nutrition) | Lahore


35 Positive Reviews

bed time is preferable

Nutritionist in Multan - Uqba Ijaz

Uqba Ijaz - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics | Multan


4 Positive Reviews

Before bedtime it is better to dink.... U can get good sleep and also calcium absorption is good during night bcz of less activity level

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Sobia Zulfiqar

Ms. Sobia Zulfiqar - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Dietetics and Nutrition | Lahore


21 Positive Reviews

A.o.a room temperature milk at least 1 hour before bed, and do not add honey, sugar or any thing else they hinder calcium absorption you can add turmeric powder

Nutritionist in Lahore - Zunaira Ali

Zunaira Ali - Nutritionist

Doctor of Nutrition Sciences | Lahore


21 Positive Reviews

one hour before bed time or evening time

Nutritionist in Jhelum - Minal Sheraz

Minal Sheraz - Nutritionist

Doctor of Diet and Nutritional Sciences | Jhelum


33 Positive Reviews

You can take milk at night if you want a peaceful sleep. Drinking milk at bed time will help you to get a sound sleep.

Nutritionist in Islamabad - S. Mahnoor Zahra

S. Mahnoor Zahra - Nutritionist

BS (Environmental Sciences) | Islamabad

Just don't take it with an iron supplement otherwise you can drink milk whenever you want in the day.

Nutritionist in Lahore - Anam Umair

Anam Umair - Nutritionist

BSc in Food and Science, MBA in Helath and Hospital Administration, Certified in Child Nutrition, Certified in Oncology, Certified in Pathology, NHRA License Holder, Diploma in Food Allergy and Intolerance Training, Diploma in Nutrition | Lahore


20 Positive Reviews

Milk also has sedative properties, thus drinking milk before bedtime can calm you and help you get a sound sleep. The calcium absorption from milk is also better at night due to less activity levels.

A glass of milk (warm or not) can help you sleep more soundly, thanks to a healthy dose of tryptophan and calcium, says Murphy. And more sleep means less next-day cravings. Milk also delivers protein, which helps support muscle strength and growth


Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Ayesha Wahla Dietition

Ms. Ayesha Wahla Dietition - Nutritionist

Doctor of Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences | Lahore


2 Positive Reviews

Hey! Better to take warm milk on bed time.

Nutritionist in Okara - Rd Anam

Rd Anam - Nutritionist

BS Food Sciences and Nutrition | Okara


26 Positive Reviews

better on bedtime

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Mehak Khalid

Ms. Mehak Khalid - Nutritionist

BS (Food and nutrition), M.Phil (Clinical Nutrition), Registered Dietitian | Lahore


36 Positive Reviews

drink it at night

Nutritionist in Lahore - Aymen Subhani

Aymen Subhani - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Human Nutrition & Dietetics | Lahore


14 Positive Reviews

Anytime is good time.

Nutritionist in Wah Cantt - Misbah Bashir

Misbah Bashir - Nutritionist

Bs Hons Human Nutrition and Dietetics, MS PH | Wah Cantt


14 Positive Reviews

drink warm milk before bed time ..

Nutritionist in Sialkot - Maham Riaz

Maham Riaz - Nutritionist

DDNS ( doctor of diet and nutrition science ) ( MPHIL in human nutrition and dietists) | Sialkot


11 Positive Reviews

In Morning or 4 clock.

Nutritionist in Islamabad - Angela Marie Sadiqua

Angela Marie Sadiqua - Nutritionist

Clinical Nutrition, AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Education, BS in Public Affairs, BS in Clinical Psychology, MA in Mental Health Counseling | Islamabad


7 Positive Reviews

It really depends on your preference. It is primarily the calcium in the milk that your body needs, not necessarily the milk itself. It can be consumed morning or evening according to your preference. It can be incorporated into smoothies and healthy milkshakes as well.

Nutritionist in Lahore - Noveen Riaz

Noveen Riaz - Nutritionist

BS Hons Food and Nutrition, Diabetes Management | Lahore

if you are asking about best time for milk consumption then the human body and its muscles really needs calcium right after physical activity or exercise so recommend the patient right after the exercise so it can better be absorbed in right away in body well

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Sidra Rafiq

Ms. Sidra Rafiq - Nutritionist

Doctor of Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences | Lahore


29 Positive Reviews


Nutritionist in Multan - Hira Fatima

Hira Fatima - Nutritionist

DND (Doctor of Dietitian & Nutrition) | Multan


44 Positive Reviews

Before going to bed.
It will helps you in relaxing your body and you will enjoy a sound sleep

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