i am 23 yrs old with height of 5'4" as i was over weight with 89 kg, so i started workout and dieting from 19 February, i started by doing gym for 1 hour week and walking about 6 km daily. after 2 weeks i lost 5 kgs, but after one week i gained 2 kg so i was back to 87 kgs. my daily routine was having one bolied egg in morning and one roti with sabzi aur daal at night. now i want to know the reason behind weight gain as it is due to starvation which i have been facing like eating only one egg in morning and one roti at night? kindly tell me should i follow the same diet plan or do i need to make some changes?


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You need to change your diet plan and timings.


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you need to change your diet.follow proper plan
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I need complete assesment of your body Trace Elements minerals and vitamins with complete biochemical analyse so i can make a suitable Diet Plan and suggest any Natural Supplementation.
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