141 weoght with fatty liver plus diabities 1st stage


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Your brother needs a customized and proper balanced diet plan for weight loss and diabetes. I cant provide diet plan until i have detail diet history of your brother. Its better he should visit and get diet plan and nutririon counselling.
He should avoid all types of fatty foods like fried food and simple sugars such as cokes and sprite. Avoid maida or white flour and products made from maida.
He should start doing exercise regularly.


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You definitely need to register with us in weight loss program


Drirfan Sulehria

Dear you should need to get a customised diet plan, which can only be able until i have a detail history about diet and medicine you are current using.
You definitely need appointment with me for guidance


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It needs complete assessment of your brother's weight history, medicine details, dietary and fluid intake, sleep wake up cycle, your biochemical examination, his lifestyle and physical activity.
For customized diet plan and nutritional counselling, u need to make an appointment


His situation needs proper assessment. Not only does the nutritional side of things need to be addressed, but so do the psychological aspects. Change is not easy. There may be underlying issues surrounding his excessive weight. They have to be managed in conjunction with the dietary and lifestyle changes. If he would like an appointment with a nutritional psychologist, please feel free to call 042-32591427, .


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Your brother needs complete assessment, both medical and as well as nutritional.kindly book an appointment


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This level of overweight (BMI> 40, if he is 6 feet or under) and diabetes at such a young age is an indication for weight loss (bariatric surgery). Provided there are no psycholigical issues preventing it there is a near-universal consensus by the respective American, European as wells as Asia-Pacific Metaboloic societies that bariatric surgery would be the best option for your brother. Plus such surgery is the only known permanent CURE for type 2 diabetes.


You can call at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, i will guide u about eating plan...


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Hello there kindly book your appointment on 042-32591427, . We offer online services also . Please join my page Nutradvice for further updates . Regards Dr. Nosheen Abbas