Pcos And Ideal Weight

I hve never been overweight rather last year due to TB i went underweight. Now after recovering from tb i have gained some weight also because i completedmy studies and am at hine from 5 months. Myheight is 5 feet 3 inches and weight ia 55 kg.my bmi is 21.3 . Should i lose some weighy and if yes what diet plan.


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Your weight is slightly higher than the ideal weight. Your ideal weight should be 52kg or less. You can reduce your weight safely to 48kg so you should reduce 7kg. We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you reduce 8-12kg in one month. A diet plan is a document that suggests you food, its timing, quantity, preparation and some exercises. A diet plan is prepared after detailed interview regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity level. For further details, you can call our nutritionist on 042-32591427, 042-32591427, , 042-32591427, or 042-32591427, . You can also visit our website www.diet-planners.com and www.facebook.com/dietplannerpk


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- Dear!
According to 5'3'' height your weight should be 52-54 Kg. As you mentioned, your current weight is 55 Kg. You are not overweight, all you need to do is opt healthy eating habits along physical activity of 30-40 min/day. Avoid junk and processed food. If you need a customized diet plan, get online consultation from Nutritionist.
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