Unformed Stool

need advice any medicine or diet that can make stool ideally hard and properly formed.And that can make Food digested fully.So that particles dont appear in semi formed liquid stool.


BS (Food and Nutrition) | Sargodha

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*kindly chew your food properly.
* Take 5 small meals in soft texture instead of 3 large meals
*Add fiber in your diet gradually along with 8-10 glasses of water daily
*limit high fat foods or adding large amount of oil/ghee in cooking
*Avoid junk food, processed food, artificial sweetened juices and soft drinks
* Avoid fried food and starchy food like white flour white rice white pasta


BS Hons (Food Science and Nutrition) | Lahore

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* 1 spoon of ispaghol husk in a glass of water drink it immediately
* for sometime try to have soft diet.