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Salam doc! I want to decrease my body fat %. Currently i am 78 kg & my height is 5'10". My waist is 37 inches( ut was 33.5 in April). The increase is due to unhealthy dieting(Fast food) and lack of exercise. Now i want to bring my fat % lower again. I have started weight training & has plan to train fr 3-4 days/week. Please suggest me specefic diet plan


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Does your gym carry body fat Analyzer machine , pl have your fat % calculated so that my diet can show you results by decreasing body fat %


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Dear Madam,

Unfortunately, my gym doesnot have fat analyzer or clippers. I calculated using online tools & based on my weight and height it is showing 25-26% of body fat.

Please recommend me diet plan so it may come at 12-15% level

11 months ago


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What is included in your meals before and after workout? At which intensity and for how long you're doing your workout?

For more details
Contact at: 042-32591427,


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Dear doctor!

I eats rice or one roti with any dish made at home before workout. My workout is not so intense as I join gym after 2.5 months of gap. Currently I workout with 45 minutes(approx) with light and moderate weights.

11 months ago


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To reduce your body fat, we can adopt two strategies:
1- to reduce your body fat
2- to increase your muscles mass
For both of the strategies, you need to follow a specialized diet plan which should provide your body all the essential nutrients. Otherwise you can damage your body with such an intense workout.
We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you reduce body fat and increase your muscles mass. A diet plan is prepared after detailed interviews regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity level so if you are interested in our diet plan, kindly call our nutritionist on 042-32591427, , 042-32591427, or 042-32591427,


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My diet routine is as follows:

Breakfast at 7:45 am: 2 eggs ommellette( sometimes Paratha), Tea; recently I also start eating one boil egg with chickpeas(roughly 100 grams) instead of ommellette because of fat issues.

Lunch around 2 pm: usually order something from outside my office. Quite often it is Biryani, Singaporan Rice, any kind of lentils/vegetable with 1(sometimes more than one) roti ; I also start taking yogurt in lieu of traditional food which is 250 grams as my Vitamin-D level comes low(24.1).

Pre-dinner around 6:15 pm: when i reach home from office i felt hungry so eat one roti with food made/one plate rice at house. Then I go to gym (if I have it in schedule)

Dinner around 8:30 pm: again one roti with food made/ one plate rice.

Note: I am taking Whey protein(1scoop) after my workout and Surbex-Z tablet.

My water intake is decent. Even in winters, I am consuming 1.5 to 2 litres of water.

Sleep pattern is fine and I sleep at least 6 hours. Infact sleeping much in winters and take rest after pre-dinner foid intake for roughly 30 minutes.

Lifestyle is big issue as I am IT professional and have sedentary style of job. I don't have any physical activity beside my workouts.

P.S. I am based in Karachi.

11 months ago


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dear your BMI is ~ 33.6 kgm-2. its mean you are at obesity stage 2.
you should reduce weight atleast 10 kg.
to decrease your body fat you should include more green salads boil vegies
and start consuming whole wheat and multy grains. completely avoid
processed food items which have MSG. more over if you want some details
about plan kindly visit or call at 042-32591427, at 12 pm.


Dear Patient,
Call me at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, ill guide you InShaaAllah by following that Diet
you will reduce your body fat