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Dear doctor, I have been watching on internet about the benefits of supplements particularly "creatine"... it help to grow your muscles and maintain your health and my question to you is, I should take creatine or not?(reasons for any possible reason) And how I should take this, so that I make sure what things I must keep in my mind to ask my doctor and what things I should avoid...!


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Creatinine is for athletes
It causes serious kidney issues
If you want to gain weight, ads milkshakes and healthy nutrients to your


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Very first thing is to maintain your calories and meals. To gain weight you
need to eat high caloric clean diet. Then go to supplements. Coz creatine
will give you energy for workouts but what about protein carbs and fats?
That build muscles.


Dear patient still no need to take creative wait for 1 year when you got
18plus then visit a nutritionist he will guide you better
And if you are too excited to make your muscles then visit my clinic