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hey salam can i take orlistat medicine for weight loose? my height is 5.7 and weight 70 how can i take? this loose my wright???


PHD in Human Nutrition | Islamabad

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Your ideal weight should be 60kg so you should reduce 10kg. The use of any medicine for weight loss is not healthy and may damage your body. You can easily reduce your weight with the help of a customized diet plan. For further details and diet plan, you can book an appointment via Marham


M Phil, MSc (Food & Nutrition), PGD (Hospital Dietetics) | Lahore

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its better to lose weight with nutrient dense diet and physical activity of 40-45 min per day. Orlistat have many side effects e.g. GI problems, fatty liver, skin allergy etc


BS (Food and Nutrition) | Lahore

Don't use medicine to lose weight


BS Nutrition | Karachi

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Prescribing medicines for weight loss is not a dietitian practice as its not healthy. You can easily loose weight through diet and exercise.


MBBS, DTM, H(UK), DCH | Lahore

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Yes you can take orlistat , one cap with each main meal for two months


MBBS, Diploma (Nutrition), Masters (Nutrition) | Karachi

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Being a doctor my sincere advice would be not to as may be initially you reduce a little weight but that would just be a momentarily weight loss and again u will gain weight even more than you had lost so rather than going for the use of medicines for weight loss kindly go for a balanced diet plan by a registered doctor and dietitian

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