Muscle Weakness

it's been almost three days since I have been experiencing muscle pain in different parts of my body especially in my legs, arms and neck. My muscles get pulled easily and they feel tense. Aesa pehlay kabhi nahi hua, subha utho tou bhi thikawat hoti hai, sometimes when I wake up in the morning my hand and arm is numb or one of my elbows hurt (pain). My neck muscles are also tense and sometimes when I move my head they get pulled (all of my shoulder area is also tense) I also feel pressure and tightness /pain in my wrists..I am really scared about it being an autoimmune disease like MS (I am just 17 :'( ) Also I have a previous history of having vitamin D deficiency. I also sometimes have needles pricking sensations/tingling sensation, my Dr recommend me vitamin b 12 supplements. But I wanted to ask you guys first...(also I had an ESR test to rule out other possibilities of any inflammatory diseases and my esr rate was 6, I also had a thyroid function test and an electrolytes test and


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both thyroid function test and the electrolytes test were clear, also then I had a pelvic ultrasound and found out that I have Polycystic ovaries and hormonal imbalance.....