Baby Feeding Related Issue

my twins are 1 month nd 5 days old.Both are active and take feed on time as they are on both Bf nd formula feed. the problem is when they wake up for 2-3 hours they demand feed continously even after feeding and if we not give they cry for it untill they get feed. is it normal and how to handle this type of situation as i'm helpless in this condition. 2: both have colic/gas issue also and over feeding leads to abdominal discomfort and they cry for hours untill they sleep. kindly guide me what to do in these situations.


Shagufta Shams

when a child cry ..we mostly take it as their hunger...
no its not only hunger.
may b weaping due to wet diaper,constipation(as mine daughtr),more warmly wrapped or less wraped tani garmi ya sardi,nappy rash,nasal blockage,abdominal colic too is a reasin.
help to resolve other issues .n take a mindful record of their feed


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Generally babies on mother feed do not overfeed , however , babies on bottle feeding taking extra feed and may spit out.
as you are blessed with twins, initial first a few months are very hard. Try to maximize mother feed. and in case if you use bottle feeding, use a better feeder with slow releasing nipple, with narrow hole. for example Pigeon brand.
you babies seem to be perfectly fine if they are gaining weight.
colic and gas are normal phenomena, they resolve after 3 months of life. there are remedies for that but only if cry is inconsolable and cumbersome