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Salam i need little help.. my daughter is 8 months old mashallah. .i just want to ask what food to give her so that she take good sleep else she wake up evey hour..she wake up crying and wanting milk.. every half hour Please help


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Dr. Dr Intisar Ulhaq Can you please help


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a child at 8 months should have following diet routine:

3 solid meals in a day
3 time milk feeds in between

at night:
give her a good solid meal at 6pm
then a milk feed around 8-9pm before going to sleep. this will help her sleeping pattern


W salam
Pls start proper weaning and give at least three times per day to control her hungriness and at the same time look for other cause of irritability if not settle see Paediatricin
In weaning starts proper house made things but if very busy that day can use cereals
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