My son is 6 years old and we want to get him circumcised. we are worried about safety and procedure at this age. please advise how safe and easy it may be and would there be any anaesthesia involved ?


Yes anaesthesia would be involved but it's a day care procedure. All circumcisions done after 2 years of age require anawsrhesia. They will check his haemoglobin first and if all is well, do the surgery. But it's a small and very safe surgery. And he will be sent home the same day. No need to worry.


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would it be General Anaesthesia ?
or local ?

2 years ago

Dr. Laramie Morris

Depends on who is doing it. some doctors do it under local anaesthesia while some do it under general anaesthesia. Please consult with a Pediatric Surgeon to know this.

2 years ago

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