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Talk to Pediatrician on My Daughter Who Is 5 Months Old Has One Eye Which Is Constantly Bad. The Doctor Said That She Will Be Fine For Some Time. Please Give Some Information.


Asking For Self, Female 5, چکوال

My daughter who is 5 months old has one eye which is constantly bad. The doctor said that she will be fine for some time. Please give some information.

Pediatric Neuro Physician in Multan - Dr. Muhammad Yousuf

Dr. Muhammad Yousuf - Pediatric Neuro Physician

| MBBS | FCPS (Pediatrics) | Pediatric Neurology | | Multan


75 Positive Reviews

Can u attach pictures of eye and prescription so i can get idea what is the problem?

Member of Marham-Forum

Can u give more detail plz?


Post Owner

سر میری بیٹی جسکی عمر 6 Ù…Ø§Û Ú¾ÙˆÙ†Û’ والی Ú¾Û’ پیدائش سے اب تک جب بھی سوتی Ú¾Û’ تو ایک آنکھ میں کچرا سا بن جاتا ھے۔نیبرا ڈاپ استعمال کیے ھیں۔ٹھیک نھیں ھورÛÛŒ Û”

3 years ago

Pediatrician in Khairpur - Dr. Kashif Khaskheli

Dr. Kashif Khaskheli - Pediatrician

MBBS, FCPS-I | Khairpur


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can you plz share pic of affected eye

Attach Photo here:

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