Proper Diet Chart For 7 Mnths Old Babh

heelo dr plz provide me good healthy diet chart for my 7 mnths old baby .. proper diet chart he is very weak


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3 meals a day (home cooked soft pureed diet)

should contain fruits, meshed vegetables and meshed meat, eggs and water.


3 bottles of milk a day in between the meals. each bottle 5 ounces


At seven months of age you can give him meshed potatoes ???? meshed banana ???? yogurt, rice ????, sagoodana, in addition to mother's milk


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gavee him just mashed potato

11 months ago


Give mother feed per demand....
Give 3 meals,.. mashed potato, banana, apple...sagoudana and dalia...add 5ml of olive oil in one meal daily...use yakhni also once daily on alternate days...