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My son is 3.5 years old and he used tk wake up from sleep screaming and yelling from a young age we thought that he must have gotten scared of something. Sometimes he would just hug his father and go to sleep other times he would scream and yell until I calmed him down or his father showed up. Recently since he has started to communicate better he gets scared in his sleep. When we wake him and him he makes weird expression and says there's some loud sound coming from somewhere and gets extremely scared. We try to calm him down but it goes away on his own and then he's completely normal and either goes to sleep or wakes up. Please tell me what I can do for this is this dangerous. I looked it up on Google and came across the term exploding head syndrome. What kind of doctor should we see for this?


Child needs to be investigated for OBstructive sleep apnea.


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What kind of doctor should we see!?

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Night Terrors.

Have a read on following link


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Sounds like Sleep Terrors which is not uncommon in children. Please make sure your child has proper sleep hygiene, which means bed by 7:30pm, no screen time before bed time. The WHO recommends no or limited screen time before 5 years of age. So make sure its not more than 1 hour a day. Physical activity and a balance diet are also important for good health. Children grow out of sleep Terrors, but if you are concerned see your pediatrician. Here is a link from the American Academy of Pediatrics on nightmare and sleep terrors, please have a read.


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I agree it sounds like night terrors. This is relatively common in young kids and should not cause any long term problems.

If child us otherwise well during the day, developing normally and thriving well then nothing to worry about.


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