Son Walking On Tiptoes

Hello Dr. My son is 3.6 now n he is walking on his tiptoes since he start walking.. otherwise he MashaAllah active child. He started walking in 12-13months.. i have seen many Drs but they all said that it has become his habit. He will be ok by the time. Kindly give me your opinion thanks.


Soban Hameed

You need physiotherapist for further help...He/She can guide you more in my opinion.


Some children walk on tiptoes till 5 yrs of age and they have no medical problems.
Some children have short tendocalcaneus by birth thats why they walk on tip toes.
If ur child is mentally fine so u just need a orthopedic surgeon's opinion regarding short tendocalcaneus, and if there is no problem with tendocalcaneus then no need to worry.
Try a good quality sandel or slipper when child walks.


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Thankyou so much.

1 year ago