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Talk to Physiotherapist on Poort Posture, Weak Neck,shoulder,back Muscles, Jaw Alignment


Asking for Self, Male, 28 years old, karachi

I have a few problems and would want to be referred to some best doctor in Karachi. I don't know whom to visit regarding following problems, a Physiotherapist, a sport therapist or a dentist. 1) I have a misaligned jaw, slightly turned towards right. It is a very uneasy feeling. also a lot clicking in both joint, specially left. Should I visit a dentist or a physiotherapist? 2) My neck muscles on the right side feel full or tight and on the left feel weak. As if there aren't any muscles or they aren't developed. Has tight nect muscles caused the joint problems too? should I visit a physiotherapist? 3) My back and shoulder muscles, specially on the left aren't developing as compared to right while working out, causing an imbalance and a poor posture.

Kindly recommend some doctor in Karachi. Thank you

Physiotherapist in Karachi - Muhammad Umer Tariq

Muhammad Umer Tariq - Physiotherapist

MS, DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Karachi

you need a physiotherapist

Physiotherapist in Sargodha - Dr. Mubasir Nazar

Dr. Mubasir Nazar - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), MS (Neuro) MS (NMPT)| | Sargodha


25 Positive Reviews

Yes dear you must visit physiotherapist for all these mentioned problems.

Physiotherapist in Bahawalpur - Romaisa Javed

Romaisa Javed - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Bahawalpur


25 Positive Reviews

1, dentist
2, yes, physiotherapist
3, kindly visit a physiotherapist for all these problem except jaw problem.

Physiotherapist in Okara - Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Bhatti Pt

Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Bhatti Pt - Physiotherapist

BS-Physiotherapy, TCM Practitioner & Auricular Therapist | Okara


20 Positive Reviews

you should visit a compitent physiotherapist

Physiotherapist in Multan - Dr. Muhammad Faisal Mehboob

Dr. Muhammad Faisal Mehboob - Physiotherapist

DPT, PGC Acupuncture | Multan


33 Positive Reviews

✔ I'll recommend you to visit a Physiotherapist first.
✔ Your Jaw pain could be because of TMJ. And your neck pain could gets covered with gentle stretches or spinal mobilizations.

✔ Electrical acupuncture can also help you relieve your discomfort.


Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Samreen Fatima Pt

Dr. Samreen Fatima Pt - Physiotherapist

BSPT , PPDPT | Islamabad


24 Positive Reviews

after proper assessment, physiotherapist tel u what ur actual problem... in liaquat national hospital hospital very good therapist available
sir faisal is very experienced physiotherapist there.

Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi - Asma Bhatti

A.o.a you should visit a physiotherapist as soon as possible before the symptoms aggrevates furthur. he will work on your muscle weakness and strength training.its better to locate a therapist in your nearby so that you can travel easily there.
get well soon.regards

Physiotherapist in Gujrat - Dr. Fareeha Jabeen Pt

Hi,kindly explain since how long your jaw line is tilted towards right if its facial palsy you should visit physiotherapist 2. For your neck as well back muscles you must visit physiotherapist.

Member of Marham-Forum

I don’t know about physiotherapist working in Karachi because i belongs to Peshawar. But let me give you an opinion that you should need to go and consult with Dr umar Butt (Orthopaedic and sports surgeon) he have good team of physiotherapy.

Member of Marham-Forum

Hi!aoa!U should contact with a physiotherapist immediately.

Member of Marham-Forum

Basically you need a Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist and Fitness Trainer. All of these fields are being handled by a Physiotherapist in Pakistan.
So, do visit some good physiotherapist

Physiotherapist in Sialkot - Dr. Fiza Shahzadi Pt

Dr. Fiza Shahzadi Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, MPPTA, MS Pediatric Physical Therapy | Sialkot


54 Positive Reviews

you must visit physiotherapist, A Physiotherapist can manage ur problem related to TMJ. PT can treat ur jaw, due to tilted jaw, ur necj muscle are stiff. You must visit physiotherapist in person.

Physiotherapist in Bahawalpur - Dr. Hafiz Irshad Ahmed

Dr. Hafiz Irshad Ahmed - Physiotherapist

PPDPT (Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Bahawalpur


44 Positive Reviews

you are having problem of TM joint Dysfunction and Musculoskeletal pain ..you should consult to dentist for TMjoint ..and also physiotherapist for this problem and Other Musculoskeletal pains as well ...dr nasir mehmood physiotherapist Isra university karachi

Physiotherapist in Quetta - Dr. Abdul Basit Pt

You Should Visit Physiotherapist Clinic
Dr. Nabiha Sami ( Clifton Karachi)

Physiotherapist in Karachi - Ali Imran

Ali Imran - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

you should visit dentist and Physiotherapist but as far as your problems concern you should go to a good Physician first for basic work up like calcium,vitamin D, uric acid and other test to rule out any systemic issues

Physiotherapist in Sargodha - Dr. Umar Rehman Sandhu

Dr. Umar Rehman Sandhu - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), MPPTA | Sargodha


78 Positive Reviews

You're probably suffering from TMJ dysfunction... You must visit a Physiotherapist for this jaw problem and other problems as you mentioned

Physiotherapist in Karachi - Ms. Shehwar Fatima

Ms. Shehwar Fatima - Physiotherapist

DPT , Certified ( Orthopedic Manual Therapy ) | Karachi

You have to go at physiotherapy centre for complete assessment....

Physiotherapist in Rahim Yar Khan - Muhammad Tahir Aslam

Muhammad Tahir Aslam - Physiotherapist

DPT , MS Advanced Physiotherapy | Rahim Yar Khan


2 Positive Reviews

you should visit to a physiotherapist for your problems. He will further guide you after your physical exam.He may reffer you to another consultant or advise you to get more tests.

Physiotherapist in Quetta - Noora Jaan

Noora Jaan - Physiotherapist

DPT | Quetta


7 Positive Reviews

first you have to visit Physiotherapist for complete assessment he will further guide you what steps you should tke.

Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Maria Sajid Pt

Dr. Maria Sajid Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, BCLST, M.Phil (Scholar) | Islamabad


33 Positive Reviews

aoa dear.. you should consult an orthopedic physician first.... as he/she can consult all of your problems. ask for the bestest dr having good patient feedback and max experience from marham team....
after that he will suggest you what shod be your next step

Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Aoun Shehryar Shah

Dr. Aoun Shehryar Shah - Physiotherapist

DPT(Doctor of Physical Therapy), Diploma (Neuromuscular Skeletal Physiotherapy) | Rawalpindi


35 Positive Reviews

plz visit physiotherapist first.

Member of Marham-Forum

For your first problem visit Maxillofacial Surgeon. For the second problem visit physiotherapist, do proper exercises like cervical traction, neck isometrics and strengthening and stretching of neck muscles. For the third problem consult your gym trainer i'd have. If not then ask your physiotherapist about posture correction in workout.

Member of Marham-Forum

Shall I visit AKU or Liaqat National for physiotherapist? or anyother hospital/clinic?
kindly suggest some names.
Someone has suggested Dr Umar Butt but he is an orthopedic surgeon. Dr Nabiha Sami seems a good option, does she has a team?


Asalam o alaikum, I am Dr. Nabiha Sami physiotherapist from KK rehabilitation centre Clifton . Yes you can consult Dr. Umer fayaz there he is one of the senior consultant and best physiotherapist you will be relief in shaa Allah. Thank regards Dr.Nabiha Sami (Senior Physiotherapist).

3 years ago

Physiotherapist in Quetta - Asst. Prof. Dr. Saifullah Khan Durrani

Asst. Prof. Dr. Saifullah Khan Durrani - Physiotherapist

DPT, M.Phil. in Sports Medicine and Manipulative Physical Therapy, Certifieuropean Teaching Group of Medicine, Gold And Silver Medalist, Consultant Ortho Neuro Sports Physiotherapist | Quetta


72 Positive Reviews

Confirm your appointment, needs physical therapy

Member of Marham-Forum

G You have To visit Physiotherapist for complete assessment about Your complain.

visit Dr imran Haroon

Physiotherapist in Faisalabad - Dr. Muhammad Abuzar Pt

Dr. Muhammad Abuzar Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT | Faisalabad


10 Positive Reviews

1) you have to visit physiotherapist for your misaligned jaw
2) yeah you should have to visit physiotherapist for the tightness of one sided muscles and weakness of other sided neck muscles
3) You can visit physiotherapy department of Agha khan hospital in karachi.

Physiotherapist in Jauharabad - Dr. Muhammad Mehran Rafiq Pt

Dr. Muhammad Mehran Rafiq Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, MPPTA | Jauharabad


18 Positive Reviews


Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Fatima Niazi

Dr. Fatima Niazi - Physiotherapist

BSPT (Pb),TDPT/M.Phil. (KEMU), MS Orthopedic , Manual Physical Therapy (RIU) Chiropractor , Certificate In Manual Therapy (Spine) | Lahore


297 Positive Reviews

first visit dentist and then all problems are related to physiotherapy

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Nida Khalid Pt

Book your appointment. I will guide you some exercises regarding ur problems plus daily routine change.

Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Kainat Shahid Pt

Dr. Kainat Shahid Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT | Rawalpindi


3 Positive Reviews

Please visit a physiotherapist first for your problems.

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Momna Tirmizi

start with stretching exercises till you get adatped

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Usman Arif Pt

Dr. Usman Arif Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, MS in Pediatric Physiotherapy | Lahore

You should consult wih a physiotherapist because he is the only person that can treat muscle related problems.
He will guide you some exercises for Jaw related issues as well.
For posture correction try to avoid prolonged sitting.
You can use Posture correction Belt specially designed for posture correction purpose.

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Sana Gohar Gold Medalist

You have to focus on postural exercises and then go for stretching exercises on a regular basis try to improve your posture

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Laraib Atique

You’”” need a physiotherapist

Physiotherapist in Sargodha - Dr. Shahid Iqbal Pt

physiotherapy zrori ha

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