Anger And Depression

Assalamoalikum, I am a recent graduate from a well reputed college. I don't know why but I feel depressed all the times.I fight a lot with my family because of my insecurities . It's either feeling irritated or feeling totally numb..


Mood changes , mood lability and emotional stress is very common in your age group. It is difficult to declare without proper assessment as to whether this is now inclining towards clinical depression or not. Depressive symptoms include low mood , decreased energy and loss of interest in activities you enjoyed previously. One may also have sleep issues, appetite changes, lack of concentration and focus, pessimistic thoughts and in severe case, suicidal ideations/plans.
Even if what you have doesnot classify as "clinical depression", mood lability and anger can cause significant functional disturbance and need management.
Management includes assessing need for medications and engaging you in robust effective therapy/counselling by a trained psychologist.
I will suggest visiting a qualified psychiatrist in lahore [use Marham to locate one] and consulting him/her for your management plan and referral to a psychologist.
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best of luck!


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Sorry to hear your problems.

As per your brief description you suffer from agitated depression, you need medications for it. Feel free to contact me should you wish to.<>

Hasan Aman


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You need proper psych evaluation to get appropriate help.


Every emotion have underlying negative automatic thought which in turn
cause distress.amd fortunately Psychological problems can be managed :) .
You need to visit clinical psychologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
You can visit global hospital lahore.
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