Hello doctor i have a problem when i meet with new person my heart beat run fastly and negative thinking started i lost my concentration when someone give me advise or lecture when i give presentation in any public place then my lip shrilling and heart beat run fastly please give me some advise about this problem


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It looks like you are having the symptoms of fear of public speaking with a hint of fear of socialization.
In this case a person feels panicked when faces social sotuations.
Psychotherapy works wonderfully with this problem, it helps the person to overcome negative thinking and keep ones self relaxed in these situations.
I recommend that you consult a clinical psychologist. A few sessions will help you out.


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miss i am a banker and jub b manager k sath meeting hoti hai tu wahan mejh se kuch bola nahi jata or bad me jab meeting khatam hoti hai tu sochta hoon kash meeting me kuch bola hota :(

1 year ago

Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh
Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh - Psychologist

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Yes i understand your problem .
you need socializing training. It will help you in coping with the negative thoughts that make you anxious in a social setting. Along with practice of social skills will help you out too.
I recommend that you see a clinical psychologist. A few sessions will help you out.

1 year ago