Hi. My sister-in-law has had a troubled marriage of 10 years. Husband re-married and she has now left him and living with us. She also has 3 kids living with father. She doesn’t talk much. Doesn’t share her thoughts at all. Keeps herself mostly in her room and usually intake her food separately. Can be very aggressive; even with parents. This has been going on for months now. We have tried a psychiatrist and she had some meds for a while. She is now resisting on going to any doctor at all. How do we make her see someone? As she doesn’t talk to family, I think she might need to get in touch with a psychologist. Please recommend someone with good experience, preferably female.


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First try to build relationship with her .I think she feels family is also not on her side and also she seem depressed hoplwss helpless about her situation With time she may decide to see somebody for help.


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We have definately tried what you are suggesting, but without any results. We are worried as we don't see any improvements in her. It is rather opposite.

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