i am very sad.I am on medications but still veryy alone.I dont feel good.My life is very empty.There is something missing and i dont know.I suffer with severe attacks and i cry and shout alot.I cry soo much.i dont know what to do.Then i try to hurt myself and i do.Please help me online.


I can understand your have not still recovered from your
disease.There might be the need of change in need to consult
your psychiatrist in this regard.don't be hopeless ,you will get Better
with time.Thanks


Aneel Kumar

if Depression is not getting better, then need to review the medications, doses, compliance, and psychosocial stressors, you probably need to consult to you Psychiatrist and you may need of psychotherapy session once your assessment and medication has been reviewed.


Its better to visit than discussing online these are symptoms of depression
and if not treated it get get worse.


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U plz call me, i can take online skype sessssions for u.. if u can visit at
clinic then its a better option.
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