Drugs Addiction + Depression


Plz plz guide us ... our home has become hell ( Allah na kary ) but the envrmnt is so distrbing . Our son/brother is addicted to all types of drugs . It is worstning day by day and affecting our daily life ... his parents are worried abt his health . His wife , two little babies .... we are tooo much tensed . Financially v r also facing sme probs , he says m tense m in depression .... so instead of leaving it its increasing day by day . Smetimes hez out of his mind that we cant dare to talk to him. Any psychiatrist or othrr doctor here plz guide us besides rehab centers or admitting him what should we do at home , how to stop him / his health is also very impt for us not just our home envirnmnt ...


MRC (Psychiatry), MBBS | Rawalpindi

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I think the best option is to get initial assessment which is possible at home by psychiatrist and psychologist jointly and consider home detox with treatment for underlying mental illness with combination of medicines and psycho therapy.


MBBS, MRCPsych (UK), CCT General and Adult Psychiatry (UK), Diploma Clinical Neuro psychiatry (University of Birmingham, UK) | Rawalpindi

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We can offer assistance if you can convince him to accept help. He will need an assessment of him mental health. Happy to help.

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