Aslam o Alikum mje sleping problem hai sony main trouble hoti hai .laitny k koi aikaadh ganthy bad nend ati hai. main aik month say alprazolam use kar raha hon. but tablet lainy k bad b kbi kbi nennd nai ati aur dosri tablet laini parti hai. aur jb sony k lia laitta hon to sar k peechy hisy main vubration c hoti hai plz mje kucg sujest karain ?


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are the neds prescribed by a doctor or you are taking them on your own? Sleeping pills are always recommended by doctors after proper evaluation.
I recommend that you see a psychiatrist or psychologist for proper evaluation.


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A doctor prescribed me that tablet.
But I don't think so.that he properly evaluate my situation.last night I take 2 tablets of alprazolam .5 mg...
I m very frustrated about all this situation.
I want to visit a physctrist. Plz suggest me a good physctrist in Lahore ?

1 year ago

Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh
Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh - Psychologist

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You can visit Dr Osama Sabzwari or Dr Mujtaba in Hameed Latif hospital.
Or you can visit Dr Naeem at parklane.
Though i also recommend that you see a psychologist afterwards too in order to make sure that insomnia is not occuring due to some underlying stress issue.

1 year ago