Intrusive Religious O..c. D

Obesive thoughts negative abusing very bad thought for GOD and reliligous personality


Marham Admin

Dr. Hasan Aman Please help


FCPS (Psychaitry) | Karachi

Plz visit psychiatry opd on Wednesday at @ civil hosp khi


MBBS,FCPS | Karachi

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In this condition, detailed assessment is required to see the severity of the symptoms and the impact on life, and may require medication to control the symptoms and without Exposure and response prevention (is type of psychotherapy is recommended in OCD ) is required, visit psychiatrist as soon as possible


Imran Arain

Sir I am imran from kunri umerkot sindh sir my sweet babby children age 6 years old my baby no stand up and no walk no rinning c.p child psychiatrist problem here leg problem please kindly deatil I want the check some doctor say me go India for treatment babby my WhatsApp number 042-32591427, 042-32591427, and