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Assalaam o Alaikum, I am 29 years old and having OCD from the last 13 years. Currently I am suffering from immense depression and anxiety because of obsessional thoughts about religion all the time. All the time I am fighting with a thought in my mind ensuring myself that I am muslim and keep repeating phrases to reduce my anxiety level but it has come up to the point that I am not able to do simple tasks of daily routine and I am getting frustrated very much. Also the thoughts try to blackmail me for everything I do like if I am concentrating or doing office work then making me feel that you will not be able to concentrate and distracting me, inshort I feel like I have no control over my mind.


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OCD is remitting and relapsing illness and duration of your illness is quit long, see first advise is to visit a psychiatrist to assess your symptoms and this severity and you need medication strongly recommended along with that you need psychotherapy session of ERP( exposure and response preventions) what happens in your case you are trying to satisfy you thought with with thinking more on it or compulsively means doing physically whatever thoughts are coming in your mind. It means you are not closed to these thought and you can. It prevent you response which can be control thought psychotherapy session. Try not to think more on these thought rather do not follow your thought and stop them while saying STOP to these thought repeatedly and try to engage in other activities, but with medication you can work better to control your anxiety and OCD


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WAS. Grateful to reply your mail.  Sure you are suffering a lot and your family too. the data you provided is very short to conclude any diagnosis.  But most probably you have OCD comorbid with depression.. can you please visit me at BMC hospital psychiatry ward so we can provide you some assistance. 
Dr Ilyas 



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These are obsessions a form of anxiety disorder.
Theme is religion and in the form of words phrases or images (blasphemous).
Distressing and very annoying.
May be associated with low mood and sympyof anxiety and disturbed functionality either social or occupational or interpersonal.
It might be genetically in origin(ie familial )
Or secondary to any febrile event in earlier times or secondary to depression.
It has to be assured that these are your own thoughts repeated and unpleasant and still trying to resist them.
Treatment is by medicines and some Behavioral and cognitive therapies. Choice lies on you as well as some physical treatments. It has to be decided by you.



recurrent thoughts about religion are common in our culture especially of blasphemous origin . since you are having these thoughts from a very long time i would suggest pharmacological treatment but the history is vague cuz you are also having the symptoms of anxiety and depression so we have to see the order that which started first though the treatment of choice is same for all conditions


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This is pure o ocd.I have a great interest in treating this disorder.you can contact me through video consultation or if you come to Lahore,at iqra hospital, johar town for treatment.