Illousion fobia ocd plz help me


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I am sorry it’s bit difficult to answer because it is not clear that what you want to ask, it you want to ask the definition of these term that illusion is the misinterpretation of the reality means perceptual disturbance, where is phobia is the anxiety symptoms in which person has constant fear and as for OCD is concerned in h icu person has constant and repeated unwanted. Thought in his mind which otherwise cause distress and for satisfaction of these thought Latin engage himself in compulsive acts like repeated hand washing, checking things, counting and so on....


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What you have stated are symptoms of Anxiety Disorders. These are treatable conditions, but first, require proper evaluation and diagnosis before any treatment can be recommended. Treatment usually is very helpful. I am available to assist. You can make an appointment by calling 042-32591427, -042-32591427, or Marham help desk.


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Please come in person to have yourself examined in detail.