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Allah/Prophet name click under my feet while m walkin try to slepin etc r wen m washin my privat parts in toilet,wen I recite Quran bad th8s dstbs me,get sexual th8s abt famly membrs,get wehm about my wazu,4getin things etc,very rare feel no control on myself..sum years back a doctr sgested reline.I took it for a month but that time I was just subjected to washing hands/closing doors but not severe.th8 condition vanished n I took above mentiond ilnes. A month Back other doctr gave me fluxomine, brouspone,deprimine.the nite I took the fst dose thoughts got evn more worse.I imediatly stoped takin those. Can't take these medicine as they make me slepy whole day.m weak lean n my weight is only 47 kg. I've other diseases relatin to stomach/intestine as diferent doctors gave me diferent opinions.ibs,hemorrides,wounds etc.. M heartbeat sumtimes fels risen,in past I took zenax many times. took paraxyl CR on doctrs sugestion also. I can't tolrate antidepresants.l lookin for alternative.. E&


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Antidepressant may take 2 weeks to to have effect in OCD . There are other antidepressant present which might suit you. Get another opinion if you are not satisfied and take medication regularly and then expect a response. Psychotherapy might help you later on after the medication effect is established.


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Your probable diagnosis is OCD comorbid with depression.  It needs assessement.  You should see your near by psychiatrist.. Yours Oblige Dr Ilyas 



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Dear nothing to worry about
It seems to be OCD. Better to consult a psychiatrist and you can have some Behavioral therapies as well beside meditation.
Hope for the best


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Sir I don't want antidepressants coz I can't tolerate them... Also they have much side effects... If necessary I wud like to have just one tab n that too which doesn't have sleepy effects.. M looking for therapist... Plx recommend one

9 months ago


Muhammad Ali

Sir , i need help as i am totally well aware that i am suffering from ocd the symptoms of it appeared first in 042-32591427, when i was compel to check the lock on the door . But it did not intensify but later in 042-32591427, it intensify to much extent that i am washing my self while taking shower and feels like that i do not wash it properly and then i started washing my hands to a intensity where i feel helpless and almoat take 30 minutes . At that time I graduated from university and where i learned about ocd and then i visit a psychiatrist who gave me zoloft medicine it helps me to reduce the intensity amd also regain my control but after 2 months of the prescribed medicine my symptoms start getting worse i consut the doctor but that dis not work out for me as they only increase dose and add another medicine due to whixh i put on extra 30 kg . So i decided to quit the medicine amd symtoms getting worse . Then i researched about ocd completely and use rituals which helps me to regain control now i have reduce the time and my compulsion to a extent which only waste my 15 minutes instead of 50 minutes . I write down every thing about it and think so that i can overcome it . I have a question for you can
“OCD be fully recoverable in my case without medicine “. As i try very hard to regain control and to not focus on my compulsion and obsession. Please quide me . I think i am doing ERT THERAPY on my on as i am not afraid to face my obsession please can you guide me in this situation.
Sir is OCD fade away with time mean if it stop after certain age or not and
How much more time is required to totally overcome OCD .
And will OCD. Come after certain time or not. Please help me sir here .

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