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I am suffering from this condition where I feel like pins and needles in various parts of my body, then I start to scratch and red bumps appears. This usually happens when I am in a stressful situation or when my mind is tired (evening time), or after a long and thoughtful conversation with someone. I also feel pain the back of my head going down to the back of my neck. During this condition, my mind becomes blank and have trouble breathing normally. Pins & needles usually occur in scrotum area, lower back and feet. If condition is sever, it moves to my upper body. This condition goes away after I take antihistamine but comes back after few days. I was diagnosed with disc bulging in my neck 8 years ago. What could be the probable cause of this condition?a pinched never in neck? anxiety resulting in allergic reaction in my body? or some problem in my head area? Which specialist I should I go to? Thank you


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You should see a medical specialist and a skin specialist for complete assessment. This needs evaluation. Stress and anxiety may be one of the factors triggering it but the root causes may be a Medical condition which needs to be diagnosed and managed


you need to visit psychiatrist on immediate basis otherwise these symptoms
might get worse.


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Thank you for your reply.
Can anyone recommend a good psychiatric doctor in Karachi?


u can call me

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