From April mid I started to have anxiety with common symptoms headache, chest pain, body pain and heart anxiety is almost gone now and so are many other symptoms. except headache which I think is sinus as it's a childhood problem. The problems are my heart palpitations. they are worse now. even when I walk just a few distance my heart starts to beat so hard, I can feel it and I can also feel it in my neck too. before when I had anxiety my palpitations only occurred at night but now they come every time i walk. And I also have shortness of breath whenever I walk. My left arm hurts alot not every time after every 3 or 4 days which my mother say is muscle problem and my father said that I have a pinched nerve as my posture is bad. My body feels weak, my knees hurt. it's been two weeks since I'm taking my vitamin d medication. before Ramadan I got my ECG and cholesterol done which came back perfectly fine. my left arm sometimes hurt so bad that I can't even move it properl


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Thank you for your concern, this presentation seems to be a panic anxiety as you are evaluated your cardiac status, I would suggest visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible for proper assessment and proper treatment, sometimes anxiety is the diagnosis itself or maybe the presentation of underlying depression or any other psychosocial issues which causing the anxiety symptoms before you visit a psychiatrist go for thyroid function test to rule out any pathology thanks



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Hi,, gone thru symptoms,,,you have GAD with somatic Symptoms,,,do deep
breathing for 5 mins every day,,,,i m prescribing you some medications:
Tab.Zoloft 50 mg half for 6 days n then full after breakfast,,,,Tab.Inderal
40 mg BD,,,mail me after two weeks,then i will do follow up,,,take care.


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Aoa. Thank you for connsidering MARHAM.
Before commencing any intervention it is necessary to explore the underlying cause of these symptoms, as these can also occur in some organic conditions, so i would prefer you to do your thyroid profile, see for the association of these symptoms with any psychosocial stress, either you have family history of these synptoms or not? How much functional impairment these symptoms are causing? You revealed that anxiety has been resolved but there is a possibility some times anxiety operates at subconcious level which causes fast heart beats. Or may be you are pre-occupied with the misinterpretation of bodily symptoms? I woul suggest you to consult a Psychiatrist. Than You.