Its been 2.5 months I am taking duloxetine 30mg. My GP prescribed me Dulan for GAD and neuropathic pain. Initially I felt emotion less and was okay with its side effects i.e dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, shakiness, excessive sleepiness etc. But after 2-3 weeks, the pain & anxiety is back. I feel suicidal at night. Sometimes I feel chest pain and shortness of breath. Taking Iberet 500 to treat anaemia too. I can’t sleep properly at night and feel sleepy through out the day. Unable to help crying and negative feelings. My shoulder, back and knees ache a lot. I feel restless. A lot of mood swings, mostly feel angry. My GP is on leave and I am unable to contact him. What do I do? I need help.


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was your symptoms improved on Dulan?? try to consult to Psychiatrist in Liaquat national hospital they will review your medicines and you will feel better.


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For Generalised Anxiety Disorder i suggest a opinion from a psychiatrist in person from your hospital. Try cap Dulan in morning with breakfast rather than at night. Your dose of antidepressant needs to be adjusted by a psychiatrist. You should see a psychiatrist and a GP both in liaison.



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If you have suicidal thoughts at night, this immediately needs psychiatric review. there may be few other stress factors which have precipitated your illness. Your psychiatrist may need few blood investigation like Vit D3, s. B12 and others to rule out your pain condition. So consult a psychiatrist near by.


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Hi! Sorry for the late.
Firstly it is very necessary to confirm the actual Diagnosis? and what are the factors in environment or drug related which have resulted in relapse of your ilness? Some times emotional distress gives impression of neuropathic pain, in my opinion as you are too you to develop neuropathic pain.
As far as suicidal ideations are concerned you must consult a Psychiatrist who can identify your issues for the appropriate management.