Hi. I am 17 years old male.I want to die. I think of suicide. Suicidal thoughts come to my mind. First I think that should I commit a suicide?? But now I think I have to do this but how I commit a suicide. I think I will feel no pain while killing myself. Whenever I close my eyes, I see clear pictures of knives, blood and how to cut myself. I consulted with a psychologist but after that I become worse than my earlier condition. Please tell me how to get rid of this? Otherwise I wiil die.


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Thought of suicide or intention of committing suicide is clear factor of severe underlying psychiatric problem, this condition required urgent attention, suicidal thought is not a first thing to develop in depression, it may take longer time even years to develop because of multiple psychosocial issues, for example , non-conducive childhood, improper parenting, life event of any kind, financial issues, relationship issues, and lots more, it is highly recommended to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible for proper treatment because life will not give you the second chance, and thing would be better which required your patience thanks


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Please see mental health care provider near to you as soon as possible. Psychiatrist near to you. Thanks.



I'm 23 kuch arsy say ma baht afsoorda udaas rehny lagi kise cheez mein Dil nai lagta na kise say milny mein koi dilchaspi Rai ha Dil bechan rehta ha har choti baat pay rony lag jati hoo gussa bht any lag gya ha Dil karta ha khud mar jau ya kise ko maar Doon please help


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Same case mera bhi tha...mujhe bi ye sub ho raha tha... Lekin ab Allah ke fazal se mai bilkul thek hun... Maine iski reason bhi dond li hai... Or wo hai lonliness... Mujhe jab ye sub horaha tha os waqt mai akela tha... College vacations the mai akela hota tha to ye sub mere mind mai ata boht ghussa bi ata, rat ko sote waqt boht rota tha, choti choti baton pe rota, suicide attempt bi kia tha... Mujhe logo se milna acha ni lag raha tha... Lekin jab EID pe sub se mila to mujhe ajeeb sa laga... Phir mujhe akela rehna pasand ni tha...Phir mai logo se batein karna chahta tha... Or oske bad college vacations khtm hogaye... Aor phir se mai friends se milne laga to ab Alhamdulillah bilkul thek hun...
Khud ko busy rakho... Logo se milo batein karo logo se... To ye sub thoughts nhi ayenge...

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