My brother has a confuse personality.he always blame others for everything bad in his life.he do not say anything directly but by using the names of if he wants car to be repaired, he does not do it himself but says to my mother to give the car to his younger brother as he has to go to university.but when younger brother repairs the car for his use.he just takes that away from him.he always uses other people name for his personal benefits.he lies alot even on smaller things.he do not do any work but compares his life all the time with his schoolfellows and says that i am the only one left so this any psychiatric behaviour or just a common thing.


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Your brother unfortunately has psychiatry issues which need assessment by a psychiatrist.

Hasan Aman


There are certain disorders in psychiatry which are not simply mood or thought disorders but rather personality -related disorders. Some people around us suffer from such disorders in which some traits in their personalities make it difficult from them to see the world from somebody else's eyes, to empathize and connect to people emotionally. They indulge in manipulation, lying, cheating to achieve their goal and mostly donot feel very guilty about it. When these traits become difficult to manage and cause constant relationship and functionality issues, we label it as a personality disorder.
I donot know at this point without detailed evaluation if your brother is suffering from similar issue but there is a strong possibility. If he agrees, I will strongly suggest for him to consult a qualfied psychiatrist in your city who can evaluate and assess need for meds and refer to a psychologist for therapy.
Treatment is a long and tedious process and overall improvement rates are modest as this is a personality issue but help must be sought. If he disagrees, family members can come and discuss and learn techniques to manage and cope with his personality.
best of luck!


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He seems to be very self centered irresponsible person who need psychotherapy.


Tehmeed Gull

We are facing the same issue but my brother is 16 years old. Do you treat this age group as well or not?

4 months ago


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