Hello sir. Dear sir, my father is involved in addiction of cricket betting for great time of about 10 years. Sir He tried a lot to get rid of this but he can't. Even he is not in his own control. He had beared heavy loss in betting. Kindly assist me what can we do. Please respond my query as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Ball and Batting with Betting!!
Betting and gambling are addictive because human Brian's are wired to get addicted for it. The reward we get by playing and winning overtakes our thought process.

Infact it is not even about winning anymore. It is not about liking to win but the anticipation or the want to win that makes us addicted to gambling / betting.

The frontal cortex i.e. the front portion of the brain which is developed only on humans takes decisive thoughts which are good for us. While the NA that is the primitive brain is designed to act on things that are rewarding. For eg we eat sweets because they are rewarding. They are rewarding because they give us energy and required for survival. But now sweets are processed and refined. They are harmful to us. But the brain and body acts in such a way that it believes that it is important for survival and rewards us every time we eat it. This gets us hooked to the unlimited supply of sugar and we get addicted.

The person is not fully responsible for it. The hormones are dictating his acts. He needs to understand things that are going in to his head.

Changing habits are not easy but it can be made easy if an expert helps you to get rid of it by helping you with some mind hacks that works.

Online gambling and even games are designed to be addictive. A simple game like candy crush is also made to be addictive. Words that appear in the screen 'delicious' makes our brain trick and we feel a sensation of reward. Such things are carefully crafted to get us hooked to the product.

Gambling can be got over if the person is interested to get over it. He/she needs to understand what is going on in the brain and why he is being pulled towards it.

For eg:
When we have sex, the pleasure is in the moment we cum. But we look forward for foreplay and sex that makes us cum rather than the cum itself. It is the want that is more powerful than the liking.

MentalHealthPakistan.Org can try to help you if you are interested; we will charge fee for it. You can contact me over the email and we can get started.

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Thank you so much sir.

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First you need to develop insight! Once he is able to understand tht his problem is causing trouble in his daily life activities..half of the work is done.


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