my 4 years old has become so much aggressive and abusive she hits and throws everything she gets her hands on she was not like this but this condition is getting worst from past one year after my 2nd daughter (18months) I have become short tempered because of her this attitude it happens almost 4 to 5 times a day and reason can be anything I feel like getting psyco myself


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This needs proper consultation. As with kids play therapy works best to channelise their anger and later on modification of behavior.
You may book an appointment for this issue.


MS(Clinical And Counciling Psychology) | Lahore

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you need to depend more time with the daughter to identify the reason for that anger.


MSC (Applied Psychology) | Lahore

This needs proper one to one session with that child. I am current working
with that kind of issues in a private clinic (mobility Quest, Cavalry
ground,LHR). There we modify behaviours or different kind of more issues of
children with help of different techniques and psychotherapies.
You may contact to me for consultations.


MS (Clinical Psychology) | Islamabad

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Thank you for asking
Your child may be undergoing a little depression, usually kids of this age
can not express their emotions in mature way, like we adults do, as you
mentioned the birth of new baby, so it may be an obvious reaction of the
child, as feelings of aggression, being the only child is some thing
else, but sharing that position is some thing else.
Another thing is the child's age group, so I will suggest you to handle
the child with patience, and calm down your self, help the child transit
from this stage with carefull handling otherwise child will adapt
aggression or rejection from environment.
Try to specify kids time which is only with you and your hubby.
Take the child to ground to play with
Bed time stories are a best source of teaching children how to express
their grief, sadness anger etc.
So manage to give the quality time
It's very tricky with kids, actually the child wants the same full
attention from every care giver or you, so kids some times use such
negative and stubborn behaviours to attract attention rather being
scolded or beaten they don't care,
So when the child drags your attention or becomes stubborn try to keep calm
and handle him politely but firmly.
Lots of things can be done
Don't worry try workout my advice, can consult online, we can further
discuss solutions to this problem
As I need to screen any presence of behavioural problems and family history
as well.


MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore

Bring your child to the clinic or children hospital and get her
is the best way.
Either visit me at my clinic at noor gyne n medical centr 127 D II wapda
town lahore


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Children cant verbalize their feelings so their anxieties and frustration make them to express in aggressive ways.sometime they learn it by observation and use the same way .all u need is to learn behavioral techniques that help outlet of anger in an acceptable and positive way.every thing will be fine InshAllah as this problem can be solved by proper anger management sessions.


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You need to take sessions from a competent Clinical Psychologist to
manage anger of your child and Healthy Parenting for positive results.


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your child may be suffering from the jealousy factor , which is very common in elder children in their childhood. because they feel less worthy when new baby arrive. so to control the anger of child you can give your child more attention with the cooperation of your husband. give her a quality time. associate the siblings time with love and affection.
to control your own anger is mandatory because if you loose your temper , your child will also follows you which would be very bad in future. so you can consult properly with sessions.

my contact no is 042-32591427, 042-32591427, . you can call me or you can visit Family Hospital as i am working there.


Get appointment my cell number is 042-32591427, &


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it seems to be a case of sibling rivalry plz show your child to a good
psychologist nearby


PMDCP, MS(Clinical Psychology), M.A(Mentally Retarded Children) | Faisalabad

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Your child seems to be suffering from attachment issue. You are also suffering because u r unable to manage. As u got ur second child and center of attention changed from elder child to younger child, this is happening because of this.
You need to consult a competent psychologist as soon as possible either way situation can be more worse.


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that is fine. you don't need to worry. Children show their aggression through their disruptive behavior . if you are comfortable then book an appointment so we can discuss it and find any solution.