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i use to shout. slap kids. throw things. use slang language. dont wanna talk to any body. no sleep. and someties i m a totally opposite person


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If you think due to your problem, your life is in danger or that of the people around you, then please visit your nearest hospital.

Otherwise, please feel free to visit me for a detailed evaluation of your symptoms and treatment at Global Medical Services. Call my clinic at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, -36 for details. Thanks


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U give med or communication therapy


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Economic, social and cultural factors, innate temperament aspects and influence from family, friends, school, and community are risks for the manifestation of bullying and have an impact on children's and adolescent's health and development.

Children who suffered with bullying are more likely to suffer with depression and low self-esteem in the adult age. The same way as, the younger the aggressive child the highest will be the risk of presenting problems associated to anti-social behavior in the adult life and of loosing opportunities, as job instability and short-lasting relationships.

You need Anger Management & Structured Counseling Protocols!!!

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It is alrite to some times have alteration in mood. Reason could b ur
underlying stress. Management is finding out d reasons of ur stress. For
this a detailed clinical interview will do. Go visit a psychologist in
fauji foundation, Ms sajda kazmi opd room 14. U need catharsis n it will
help u improve ur mood ins n u will feel better. She I in pindi n a v good
cl psychologist


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Thankyou dear

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dear u need to visit my clinic so I can diagnose n figure out your


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dear u have mood disorder u need to see the level of depression and show to
a good therapist for management


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You need to consult a clinical psychologist for assessment and treatment. You can consult with me , I am in Gulberg 3 at Khalid Clinic or you can seek online session

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