Child Fear

My 5 year old son has some fear problem of unknown and anxiety. He does not like to socialize is very fond of cartoons and poems. In studies he some times writes the letters in the opposite directions. He gets scared and cries on very small matters. He attachment with his mother is also very possessive. On one hand he want to see her in front of him all the time and she should not talk to any one or sit down and do any work. On the other he is constantly teasing her and not listening to her. While writing he knows the letters but at times not able to write them down at all or writes in opposite direction. Does not like any sort of change. Kindly suggest the area which needs to be counselled? Thanks


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Child need to be assessed by the professional psychologist for identification of symptoms and for diagnosis which may help to guide you about the management plan.


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Hey may have problem with concentration or fear and anxiety can be treated but exact problem can be rule out via psychological intervention and therapy sessions