always depressed, have negative energy, feel no happiness, I remember past which was very painful and I feel hatred for those who did wrong. I am mentally shattered. have suicidal thoughts. need to seek help. suggest some doctor.



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Dear... u should seek proper psychological assistance.... Hypnosis will work help out u to get rid of these thoughts..... along with CBT....


BS (Hons) Clinical Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology | Lahore

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Don't worry. You are not alone. You can book an appointment so we can find solution together.
042-32591427, 042-32591427,
Or contact, &ref=content_filter

Thankyou. :)



same situation with me as well 😣😣


Saadia Nazir Tazeem

You need to do d same, kindly c a class paychologist on urgent basis. Depression keeps you in a vegetative state, need to muster up some courage n strength to fight back depression
Best wishes

7 months ago


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AOA. Dear Friend. As per your statement, you have symptoms of clinical Depression. You are required to immediately consult an expert clinical Psychologist and a specialist psychiatrist, (FCPS). The modern successful trend for the treatment of psychological disorder clients is joint work by a psychologist & psychiatrist. Marham & Madawa Care Home (042-32591427, ) are the best places for you. Meanwhile, plzz do exercise swimming, sports or at least 35 min walk. You must have 07-8 hours sound sleep. Plz have balanced diet, particularly omega 3 & 6. For further guidance do contact Marham immediately. STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE. DUA


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You just need to consult from a team of Psychiatrist and Clinical
Psychologist on urgent basis. Comprenhensive treatment plan can help to
make you able to deal with your pain and to find a positive meaning in your
if you are Lahore based , You can contact City Clinics ,Johar Town, Lahore.
For any other city contact from Marham Helpline.


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You are suffering in depression
I need to take your complete history for your Better recovery
Kindly take appointment with this Num 042-32591427,


Ms Clinical Psychology | Lahore

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Dear you have to take a proper session, which helps you to speak out about
your whole issue and then will helpful for therapy too.
You have to consult a psychologist
I am available in family hospital mozang.

You can ask for appointment on this number.

042-32591427, _042-32591427,


Zainab javed Saira Memorial Hospital model town Lahore 042-32591427, 042-32591427,


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AoA. I can help you to treat your problem. You contact with me for taking mindfulness therapy session because mindfulness good work in this condition. Mindfulness is latest therapy. It works very sharply and affective.


Saadia Nazir Tazeem

Well here the issue you shared is stemming from your past negatI've experiences.
In my opinion, you actually have developed a low self esteem n lost self worth altogether so hv thoughts to put an end to life .
Well it is not the solution to your misery or pain you report you are going through.
Kindly consult a competent clinical psychologist and together you both can sort out the issues to feel relieved of all.
Book an appointmentat at 042-32591427,
Choose your mental health professional wisely and cooperate to get rid of your past
Best wishes


You can call get appointment


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You can get rid of these symptoms through CBT, This takes few sessions and
gives you skills to control all symptoms.

Tehmina Yasser
Clinical psychologist


MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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u dont need doctor and medicine,,u need psychological help,,visit my clinic
for session.



My brother in law is in depression anxiety for last 2 years . He has fear about marriage . He has lacked confidence in himself . He has so much confusion about marriage. He is fear to go anywhere. He is not willing to marry too as he says that I can’t take care of myself how I can take care of anyone else