I have been a victim of depression for last 2 years , I got stuck to my bed but when I went to take classes or other such places I even motivated others but when alone I died each of the second,I wanted to make suicide attempt finally came out of it after moving to the capital but still many of the times I gets depressed even now :(

Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh - Psychologist

MS Clinical Psychology, PhD ( Scholar) | Lahore

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Please see a Clinical Psychologist in your area as soon as possible.


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recently I'm living in Islamabad kindly suggest any good doc but not that costly

2 years ago

Qurat Ul Ain Hassan - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology), ADCP | Lahore

Ok fine please contact @ 042-32591427,

Tahira Maalik - Psychologist

MS, ADCP, NLP (Hypnotherapist) | Lahore

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u can contact with me on my number.... per session fee 042-32591427, .

Dr. Ambreen Iqbal - Psychologist

MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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well dear you need to visit my clinic for therapy,,,need to get history
first regarding any medication etc contact my hospital for an

Saadia Nazir Tazeem - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore

Dear female
Dis is cl psy Saadia Nazir Tazeem from lhr. I have read r problem in
detail. Issue is u have not yet seen a professional psychologist for d
cause of depression. If u have a depression of this level where u feel
even suicidal, it must b a major depression disorder and it need to b
treated both pharmacologically n psychologically. also ur home or place
where u live has problems u r unable to face, there is lack of
reinforcement from ur environment and so u feel lonely n unloved n
It is also a vicious cycle. Kindly visit ur nearest psychologist as well
Best wishes
Get well soon


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Can't anyone help me for free ?

2 years ago


irshad ali

clinic address?

2 years ago

Dr. Ambreen Iqbal - Psychologist

MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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Hi. Pl visit my clinic at Lahore.
Hameedah memorial hosp Lahore in valancia.
U need counselling

Dr. Nazish Idrees - Psychologist

PhD Scholar in Clinical Psychology, MS (Clinical Psychology), Msc (HDFS), Dietetics,Diploma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Diploma in Diet and Nutritional Advisor with distinction, Diploma in Family and Relationship Therapist | Lahore

you are in need of an expert for some time

seek online or one to one clinic session

You will improve with a few therapeutic meetings as needed

Clinical Psychologist and Nutritional Advisor

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