Is It Anxiety?

I had swear anxity and panic disorder in past my gp give me medication and after 7month I was fine so my gp stop that medication.but knw from few weeks I have the same issues like fear of some fatal disease etc I have also physical symptoms like headache or upset stomach is not that bad and out of control that was few years back. I have some issues in my life now that make me think too much.i am worried on that issues. is this go away with time? or I need treatment.


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Yes, all those symptoms are related to an anxiety disorder which is 100%
treatable condition some time this need medication and for long-term
treatment requires therapy to learn the coping skills.



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Your presenting complaints seems to be related with Health anxiety and that
needs proper treatment plan of psychotherapy along with the medication.
Anxiety and mood related issues don't go away with the time and
preoccupation about health and excessive worry about health can cause
psychosomatic complaints e.g. chest pain, fatigue, dizziness, headache,
back pain, shortness of breath, insomnia, abdominal pain, numbness, weight
loss, cough, and constipation.


aqeel haroon

I want to ask a question about my health. meri heart beat 4 5 times tez hui ha mne test sb krwaye ha ecg 4 times krwai ha echo 2 times or Ett report normal ai ha hospital jata hu wahn normal hojata hu 2 3 months se ase hota bht cardiologist k pas gya hu wo kehte kuch nai hua apko ko sirf tension li ha apne iski per mjhe aise lgta kuch hojaye ga kisi ki death ka sunta hu dar lgna churu hojata I'm 27 years old ma morning walk krta hu roz diet bi krta junk food chor diye ha dil sa ghabrata jis se mjhe thori physical weakness hogai ha pehle gym krta tha wo bi November se chordia tha ab phr shuru kia ma physian se mila tha uno ne mujhe pentoxol m or xanax 0.5 tablet di ha kya ye sahi ha mam mujhe tablet leni chaiye ya nai please tell me what I do

5 months ago


I am happy that you overcome your illness through medication. However your
current situation needs therapeutic assistance.
Through psychtherapy we will work on following areas:
1: relapse prevention (preventing from reoccuring of ur symptoms)
2: addressingh your thoughts.
3: managing headache and other physical symptoms.
You may visit us at Global Rehab Centre or call us for appointment
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Sobia ikram
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Global rehab centre.


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Please email me your issues in details which bothers you.




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You must seek help by a professional near you before it would affect more


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I notice that you are on the right spot. Kindly fix an appointment at
042-32591427, and get consultation from a competent clinical psychologist,
hope it would benefit. Your state is quite early and it has a good
Best wishes


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u are suffering from anxiety disorder which is related to your problems
which need detail evaluation and treatment , plz consult some good nearby
psychologist mean while plz practice relaxation exercises which are
available in net you will feel better with it
thanks best


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Better u visit my clinic


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Call me at +042-32591427, for better consultation


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Your sumptoms are realted to anxiety disorder. there are many clients suffering with the same problem. Your fears can be treatable through psychological assessment and therapy session.