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AoA, I have been labeled as shy, lazy, sensitive, absent-minded etc all my life. I am considered intelligent but unless there is a rigid support structure in the form of clear deadlines and marked out deliverables, I procrastinate a lot. I suffer from severe anxiety and took 6 years and a drop-out to complete my BE with extremely low GPA. After a very successful year as an employee I decided to go back to academia for Post-Grad. It took me almost 4 years to get my thesis approved for an MS. I always get extremely nervous in new situations and around my father. My heart starts pounding and I cannot talk. I have covered my shortcomings so far by being an introvert and ghosting contacts after some time. However, I want to move with my life. It was suggested to me that I may be suffering from psychological ailments such as ADHD and PTSD. Is there any way for me to get myself medically examined?


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u can visit any clinical psychologist for clinical examination and evaluation.


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Yes please consult for assessment
Your life will be normal IA after therapy treatment


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please whatsapp me


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ppz don't labelozed ur self with any disorder..every person need counseling like dr need medicine..u hv to take sessions and psychotherapy


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Assessment through a counselling session is a suitable way to get some education about what exactly you are going through. I understand this is very frustrating for you.