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I am 31 years old. married since 2 year. i have developed a behavior/anger issue since last 1 year. my married life is very good and no issue/problem between us. But i suddenly get hyper over small ignoreable issues, using swearing words, cursing to myself and what else. i am very polite person otherwise. feel really bad when that madness phase is over. please help me out. if visit to a psychologist is needed, please recommend some relevant doctor in lahore. thanks alot

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Dr. Ayesha Shahid Sheikh

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Sadaf Inayat

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MS, BS (hon)

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Shazmin Rafaqat

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Dr. Fareda Zeab

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Faria Rehman

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Amna ( Sinan) Javaid

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MS Psychology | Rawalpindi

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You can seek free counseling from me on this. Just text me at 042-32591427, 042-32591427, your name and ref to this query. Will be happy to help in this issue.


MS, ADCP, NLP (Hypnotherapist) | Lahore

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mahram refer u to me ...... u can come to me n u can contact with me
042-32591427, ...... online session fee is 042-32591427, clinic session fee is 042-32591427, .


MS (Clinical Psychology) | Lahore

Here it is v imp to know d preceeding event in case of developing anger on
petty issues. What i could gauge from ur brief description of ur problem,
i assume u had an unpleasant event dt triggered ur schemas of uf childhood
or early age n wnever these r trigerred in anyway, u r unable to control
ur anger n regret it later.
U cn take an appointment by calling at 042-32591427, , from my staff, if u
feel comfortable with me. Clinic is in wapda town 127 D,.wapda town, noor
Gynae n medical center
If u want any other psychologist, check iqra medical complex or paklane
clinic in Gulberg.
Best wishes


MS(Clinical And Counciling Psychology) | Lahore

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This reaction may be related to emotional dysregulation, anger is the way
to express your feeling when you have intense emotions. See a professional
for help.



MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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well dear u need to consult a psychologist for therapy. U can visit my
clinic by taking an appointment.

Hameedah Memorial Hosp Lahore


You can bisit global rehab centre for proper assessment and diagnosis.
042-32591427, 042-32591427,


PhD Scholar in Clinical Psychology, MS (Clinical Psychology), Msc (HDFS), Dietetics,Diploma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Diploma in Diet and Nutritional Advisor with distinction, Diploma in Family and Relationship Therapist | Lahore

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