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Respected Doctors, Asaalm o Aleikum I’m a married woman , having 4 kids. No medical issue, no stress . I’m blessed to have a loving and caring husband . Everything is ideal for me Alhamdolilah. My concern is I’m having sleep disorder since many years , it’s like if I sleep at my usual time , then there’s no problem and I sleep for 4 hours , but if there’s a disturbance in my sleep pattern or if I’m made to sleep late than my usual time, my mind clock gets disturbed and then I’m unable to sleep for like weeks . I don’t want to take sleeping pills as will get used to of it . Please doctors suggest me what should I do . I’m really worried about this condition of mine .

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Dr. Fareda Zeab

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Dr. Talat Habib - Rehabilitation Medicine

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Many thanks

2 years ago


Anum Farooq

First you need to identify what disturbs ur sleep pattern and how frequent is it? How you manage it for the time being?


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Salam Dr Anum ,
I have never taken any medicine up till yet . I spend sleepless days and nights and perform all my house chores well like usual. This has been happening with me since the last 15 years , but now I’m noticing that this disorder has increased with the passage of time . I feel irritated and lethargic at times due to lack of sleep . Just want to get rid of this condition now . Need help .
Any diet or exercise that May proved to be helpful in my case would be appreciated .

2 years ago

Dr. Ambreen Iqbal - Psychologist

MSc, M.phil, PhD | Lahore

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pl get an appointment and consult me in my clinic,,,Hameedah Memorial hosp
in valancia

Dr. Nazish Idrees - Psychologist

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