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A. O. A, i am male 32. I am going through a tough time. I am married and a father of a 2 year old daughter. Recently for the past 2 months, me and my wife have developed differences and we fight. Due to her rude behavior with me and my family, i have sort of ignored her. All the time she talks to her family members on phone and visits her home for 2-3 days a week. I am sick of this behavior as i am left all alone in my house. i miss my daughter badly and i have these irrational thoughts of my daughter's well-being. I am at crossroads here. I dont want to abandon my daughter nor give her a broken home. Things have gotten close to divorce but i dont want my child to suffer. these things are causing mental anguish to me. i have been keeping myself busy with performing prayers at a local mosque for the past 1 year. I used to take psychiatric medicines 2 years ago but left them as they dulled me emotionally and were hampering my ability to enjoy life as a normal person. I am not looking f


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Msc (Psychologist), Diploma (Clinical Psychologist) | Gujranwala

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waalaikum can call me through marham...I will help you all...... tc


Mphil (Clinical Psychology), Lisenced Hypnotherapist (USA) | Karachi

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Dear worried person, I can understand your feelings. I read your post and it seems that you and your wife are facing a serious kind of communication gap which is leading to misunderstandings and misinterpretation of each other's behavior. The good thing is that with a little effort you can save your relation, make your family happy rather than to suffer. I can help you with some amazing psychological techniques.
you can contact me through and if you're from Karachi then you can visit me at hospital by booking an appointment through


Masters in Psychology,Diploma in Clinical Psychology | Lahore

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AOA. Plzz bear hardships and don't divorce ur wife. become friend to each other. ignore her faults. love your daughter. consult psychiatrist and psychologist thru


Ms Clinical Psychology | Lahore

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Dear you have to take sessions for your emotional in balance . you can visit me in family hospital or you can contact me through this number. 042-32591427, 042-32591427,


MS (Clinical Psychology), MSC (Clinical Psychology), Advance Diploma Clinical Psychology (ADCP) | Lahore

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Kindly consult for couple and marriage counseling
You can fake appointment from Punjab medical center jail Road Lahore


BS(Psychology),MPhil(Clinical Psychology) | Karachi

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Hi, Families face difficult times and sometimes they may need to talk to eachother with help of a neutral and expert person, a psychologist, call here to book a session online


BS(Psychology),MPhil(Clinical Psychology) | Karachi

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BSC Psychology, Masters in Applied Psychology, Post Graduate Certification in Addictions and Mental Health | Lahore

W Salam you are definitely going through a hard phase of your life. Please contact me for couple counseling. And this kind of situation can affect your daughter’s mental health so needs to take it seriously.

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