I want to ask the below questions to the respected doctor . I cannot discuss these issues to any other but now I have been compelled . I am feeling some changes in my lower body area. I am much depressed now due to these problems. numbness from hip to foot sometimes on penis also. 1) I am feeling lower back pain continuously since many days but sometimes pain in my lower side abdomen to testicle but don’t know why? 2) Feeling weakness in penis and elongation in testicles. 3) Unintentional erections and frequent discharge within one or two minute while I am single. 4) Discharge after one or two nights 5) A thin liquid sometimes leaks from penis.what is this how can I cure? I want to know how to resolve these issues …please tell me how can I cure myself at home? Please answer all my questions Regards, Saqib Ali


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Dr. Muhammad Haris Burki Please help

Dr. Muhammad Haris Burki
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Your are suffering dual problem.Partially it is mental issue of depression and anxiety.There is issue of some urinary track infection.You will require suitable antidepressant anti inflammatory and antibiotics .
It will take at least 6 to 8 weeks.Some medicine would continue for 9 months.

1 year ago