Premature Ejaculation

I am 28 year old and married for one year. I have problem of premature ejeculation. Intercourse time is less then a minute. I think it is because i have anxity and depression for 10 years. Kindly prescribe me medication or advise.


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Premature ejaculation.can be inherited or acquired .Anxiety and depression can worsen the problem.Causes can be other as well .We need full history .Medicine are very sensitive that cannot be prescribed on line.Please come to clinic for evaluation .


Shaukat Khan

Asalam o aliakum.
Dr. Sb meri libido belkul khtam howe hai jes ki waja si mai bht depress ho. Aur saat mjy depression b hai jes ki waja si mjy panic attacks hothy hai aur hospital mai mjy Valium inj. lagaya jata hai.